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Finding your narrative - Milieux resources

  1. Share your story

  2. Include your customer in the journey

  3. Your message should be clear and unforgettable

  4. Align your messaging across all platforms

  5. Story telling is key from the very start

To stay ahead of your competitors, start building your narrative from day one.

Anna Heim,,builds on an interview with Peep Laja, a conversion optimization expert, and explains how novice startups could lean on narratives to establish their brand from the very early days of ideation. Innovation-based marketing strategies no longer work since features can be quickly copied by competitors. Nowadays, companies are mostly the same in their offers, are poorly differentiated in their branding, and indistinct in their communication.

To get ahead of this reality, companies should lead with a story that is connected to a bigger concept. Startups can choose to differentiate—or not!—between their consistent brand narrative and their evolving strategic narrative, the latter of which adapts to market changes and customer needs.

How can a company keep track of the efficiency of their narrative(s)? By having transparent conversations with their community!

Why should business owners and managers develop a strategic business narrative? Santiago Iniguez, traces the psychological and historal roots of human interest in narratives.

Humans have a fascination for stories and tend to use storytelling to share their experiences since they bring meaning to our milieu by simplifying the complexities of the world. These narratives have an added educational benefit of providing behavioural references and examples that stimulate a learners’ awareness and curiosity.

How does this apply to the business world? Storytelling—building and sharing a narrative—plays an important role in the growth of companies. Businesses are progressively using strategic narratives for branding and management to highlight their company’s values, mission, and vision. These stories provide people with a sense of belonging and purpose, while illustrating the value of a company’s cause and choices.

From directors using case studies to analyse performance to CEOs sharing the passion behind their strategic decisions, stories are part of the essence of what makes a business valuable to its community.

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